First Impression Week 2

Research design is very important. Without research design, the process could be unorganized, which could ultimately result in confusion. I think what makes a successful experiment is organization. Someone should be able duplicate the researchers steps and get a similar outcome. To have a successful research design for an experiment, it should be well thought out, if not, there could be too many variables.  If I were to do a research experiment it would involve human behavior when people are hungry. I have noticed (from personal experiences) that when people go to the grocery store hungry, their eyes get bigger than their stomachs. They seem to buy more food than they actually need. In my opinion, food looks so much more appealing when I haven’t eaten in a while. I believe that hunger has any effect on how much money people spend at the grocery store. If one goes to the grocery store on an empty stomach, then they are more likely to buy more items than a shopper that has just eaten. To test this hypothesis, I would have two groups of people, one would be fed before they go to the grocery store and the other would be deprived of food several hours prior to them going to the grocery store. The subjects are free to buy whatever they want. Once they are done shopping I will analyze their receipts. I will compare the receipts of the group that just ate to the receipts of the group that has been deprived of food. I will conduct this experiment three times to make sure my data is more accurate than just conducting the experiment once. I will be analyzing two things, how much money they spend, and how many items they have purchased.


3 thoughts on “First Impression Week 2

  1. Very good point. Research design is very important to receive to get valid results. This ties into class instruction with the construct of pseudopsychology. Pseudopsychology is no use of the scientific method when commenting on human behavior and mental processes. It is a very good point that bad design could lead to false result. The independent variable of human behavior when hungry. This would be operational definition would be the receipts. Some things that are not addressed are how participants are chosen. This is an experimental design which determines the cause and effect relationship between two variables. The advantages are relatively fast results. The dependent variable of the receipts allows for easy data processing. Ethically starving people may be too unethical. If the sample were taken by volunteer this would be allowed. There may be other factors at play besides hunger perhaps financial need. Perhaps the not hungry people simply had a lot of money, or the hungry people were not affluent.


  2. I definitely agree with this statement that in order to have a good experiment it need to be well organized. If its not organized there can be many variables and it can get very confusing. I think that doing research on people and food is a very good idea because it is such a huge part of America and our culture. America is known for being fat and buying way more food than they need for their family. In addition to that, many people who live in America buy very inexpensive and unhealthy food. I think that the way that America displays their food and shows their commercials on television is not right because it makes people want too buy fast food and not healthy alternatives. When was the last time you saw a commercial for a salad ? Almost every time I turn on the television I watch some sort of fast food commercial and half the time it does interest me because they make the food look so appealing. If I were to do an experiment my hypothesis would be; “do fast food television commercials make people want the food more” ? It would be very hard to test this experiment but with the right group of people it could be done. I feel like if this experiment were done it would help us realize why people buy fast food so much.


  3. Hi Lauryn! You’ve thought of a very interesting hypothesis, with good reason, but I’m having trouble finding your research question. Your hypothesis, however, is clear! I also really enjoy your method of research, but I would want to know how you would get your participants to be a part of this experiment. Would they be purchasing their own food? Are they college students? And will you note a difference between food items and other items (like laundry deterget or dish soap?) I think that your experiment is a good foundation, but it needs more clear definitions.


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