Week Five First Impression- Memory

I am on an ongoing search to find the right study habits that are the most efficient for me. There is an amplitude of different study habits, but only a few are efficient for each individual. A majority of my studying consists of reading the chapter and writing notes on it. Once the exam gets closer, I make flashcards of important terms and people that I think will be on the exam. For exam one I believe I did the right study habits, but I think I started studying too late. I got a lot of the concepts but not enough when it came to the test. Most of the free response questions I knew the concept and information but couldn’t remember some things that I studied previously. If I took more time to study I believe I would have done much better on the exam. I should start rewriting the notes right after class to grasp the concepts better, then I will already have a study guide for the exam. I should have made flashcards for major concepts after each lecture so that I am not doing it before the exam. Trying to learn all the concepts closer to the exam tends to be overwhelming, which might affect my trying to memorize the content. I need to study the concepts from lecture after each lecture to make sure I really understand the concepts. I really am interested in psychology and I don’t want to just memorize content to get an A on an exam. I would like to have study habits that will help me really grasp and memorize the concepts beyond the exam. I am very interested to learn different studying techniques that will help me memorize concepts better.


2 thoughts on “Week Five First Impression- Memory

  1. I can relate to what you experienced on the test about not knowing all the information thoroughly and only knowing parts of it. I believe that splitting up the information and studying a little bit at a time in the week or so leading up to the test will help with understanding everything more. You can focus on one thing at a time and make sure you understand one thing at a time before you move on. Personally, I tried to do that and spend more time on the topics that I didn’t quite understand. I really like your method of using flashcards of the important topics and people and for the next exam I might try that and see how well it works for me. But I think that your study habits are ones that are very beneficial and I agree that if you were to start earlier then it would help you more in the long run.


  2. I agree with what you have to say about not knowing all of the information fully once it is time to take the test. I am the same way. One thing that I have also noticed is that if I try to study for the test the day of the exam, it is very difficult for me to retain the information that I studied. The best way for me to learn is the night before. But focusing on one thing at a time is also very important. Sometimes when students have a big test they tend to jump around from topic too topic and not focus on one thing at a time. You have to actually ask yourself if you know the info or not and you have to be honest with yourself. Many times we think we know the information or we tell ourselves this too boost our confidence. When it comes down too it, its all about the study habits that you have learned over time. Some students are just naturally good test takers so good for them, but most people who do well on exams are the ones who took the time to actually study and actually learn what is being tested on the exam.


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