First Impression-Motivation

I am a transfer from another small liberal arts college in Maryland. I did not like the school that I was at before, athletically or academically. I knew if I wanted to have a positive college experience, I would have to transfer. Elizabethtown was the first institution to recruit me for basketball. I remember having a tour at Etown when I was a senior and I thought it was a very nice school. It was in my top three colleges but I decided to go to the college in Maryland because it was closer to my house. When I made my mind up that I was going to transfer, I immediately pictured myself at Etown. I am glad I made the switch because Etown sets me up for success academically and athletically.

I am the most motivated when it is close to the due date. I know that doesn’t sound great, but it is the truth. I have more motivation to study when the exam is close. I have more motivation to do an assignment when the due date is close. This isn’t the best way to handle work in college. It can make you very stressed out. I try to motivate myself to do things earlier so that I won’t be rushing trying to finish the assignment on time. The bigger the assignment is, the more motivation I have to complete it. What motivates me to be successful in school is my G.P.A. I always strive to get good grades so that I can get scholarships for graduate school. The better my grades are the more likely I am to get scholarships. Focusing on the big picture is what helps me stay motivated. As a part of my motivational plan, I will print out a picture of my dream car (a Mercedes G-wagon) and put it up on my wall. So every time I look at my dream car I will be motivated to work hard so that I can be successful enough to afford a G-wagon. I will also write motivational quotes on post its and stick them on my walls. The quotes will motivate me to work hard.


2 thoughts on “First Impression-Motivation

  1. I found the first comment about being more motivated when an assignment is close to its due date amusing and relatable, but I would hardly call procrastination “motivation”. It’s more of a lack of motivation. Your G.P.A is a pretty good motivator, I would say. It’s definitely an important aspect of school and should really be something that everyone cares about. Your motivational plan of printing out a picture of your dream car is an interesting but commonly used one, I’m curious as to how effective that would end up being, maybe that would be something that might change from person to person but it does sound like something I can see working for a lot of people, having that reminder of what they’re trying to achieve. It’s something I might have to try for myself in the future.


  2. I am glad that the transition to E-Town is going good for you! Our goals are very good motivation for us to do our best. When looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I think Self-actualization needs and esteem needs motivate the goals you described. You want to do as well as you possibly can on your school work to reach your full potential which falls under self-actualization. You want to go to graduate school and own your dream car which are big motivations to do well in school. These things show yourself and others your great achievement and will give you independence. This motivation falls under esteem needs. Your high achievement motivation is good and will provide you with a lot of opportunities in the future because people with high achievement motivation are known to achieve more according to our book. I mean it is understandable though because if you have high achievement standards set for yourself, you will work harder, and will be more likely to achieve more in your life.


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